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We are in the business of creating beautiful books for brilliant authors. We have a range of publishing options designed to suit various client budget and preferences, each coming with additional perks like free book reviews, interviews, advertising/promotion, and other value added services that will save you a small fortune.

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eBook Publishing

We offer writing and anthology publishing services. This includes content creation, curation and promotion for websites, blogs, E-books, Review Sites.

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Author Services

If you’re ready to become a published author and get your writing out into the world, contact our Self-Publishing Team today!

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Print Publishing

Every writer nurse the dream of becoming an author someday. And this is why Poemify Publishers is here to make that dream a reality.

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Tons of Features

We understand that just as all books are not the same, so too all manuscripts should not follow the same path to publication. Books in different categories speak to unique sets of readers, and we offer specialty publishing packages designed to meet your needs.

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We have the expertise to support and guide you through every step of self-publishing an e-book and print book.